Who Are We

Morgan Ford Photography is a 30 person strong team of enthusiastic professionals. Our offices are located in the US with 20 of our team members being based there. The remaining 10 are located around the globe, which allows us to quickly and efficiently cater to a global customer base.

Morgan Ford Photography was start by Lance Truman in 2003 and has now grown into a successful and reliable photography service. At present we have catered to more 465 clients on project ranging from big too small.

We are excited to see what is in store as the company continues to grow and will do our upmost to provide a pleasant and most important impeccable service with the best photograph at competitive prices.

As photographers we have travelled and seen many places and people. India is one of our favourites and south india is a region that we have fallen in love with. This is a part of india in which not a lot of first time travellers go, but this is a mistake because the region is spectacular.

Green, lush and full of color - this place has it all! Wander around the numerous temples that are decorated in so many colours and shapes. Each is a marvel and yet they have so many around every corner. Nature is all around you and you are going to love the natural beauty. The food is also fascinating even if a little too spicy for our liking. We did miss large American portion sizes though - how do these guys survive with such little food we often wondered !

From a photography perspective, there is a lot on offer, from the place, food and Tavel to the people. We specialise in people pictures and like to capture them in their best and worst times. The way people dress at different times also fascinates me. We love the fact that all of their clothes reflect the occasion and their personality at the same time. Using clothing as a form of expression is of course not unique, but Indians seem to have this nailed to the T.

Completed Projects