Our Work

We provide a wide range of photography services around the world whether it is for a wedding, event, portrait or performance. We aim to have an extremely fast turnaround to meet your demands as quickly as possible.

Here are some examples of our completed projects:

Innovate, Inspire and Integrate (Conference)

This 3 day conference was held in Silicon Valley and acted as a hub for tech, product and marketing professionals. 3,000 people attended the conference over the course of the weekend where more than 75 presentations, demonstrations and panel talks were held.

We were on the sidelines to capture the atmosphere of the events and to showcase some of the brilliant innovations that were unveiled and discussed by some of the world’s biggest brands.

Udderbelly (Edinburgh)

In 2013 we attended the 4 week Fringe Festival in Edinburgh and produced a portfolio of photographs for The Underbelly (live performance company). Our photographs were featured on their websites, in brochures, flyers and on social media.

3 members of our team attended many rehearsals and live performances to capture the essence and suburb visuals.

The Jamal and Deepika Wedding

Our 2nd Indian wedding took place in the beautiful city of Jodhpur where we took photographs of the Kapoor’s 3 day extravaganza. Our two photographers enlisted for the wedding were able to capture the colourful Indian traditions, some beautiful staged family and friend portraits as well as some candid and tender moments between the couple.

These are just a few examples of some of the projects we have worked on, to give you an idea of the scope and range of our photographs and photographers.

Completed Projects