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Here at Morgan Ford Photography we aim to capture those unforgettable moments, raw emotions and important people in the most creative, conspicuous and sensitive way to leave you with brilliant memories and keepsakes.

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality, most efficient and personal experience that we can. To do this we will involve you in the process through by inviting you in for a consultation to understand what sort of photos you want, and to find more about you and your needs. We will then show you a customised portfolio with our ideas and with past projects that fit the spirit of what you are trying to capture. Lastly, in the post stage we will show you some preliminary shots with a variety of filters and effects, so we can use your input and thoughts to provide you with a set of photos that will more than meet you expectations.

We specialise in Western and Indian Wedding and Event Photography, Performance Photography, and Portraits.

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